80 speakers, tech titans, and a gaming legend converge at Infobip Shift 2023

Mia Biberovic

Infobip Shift, the largest developer conference in this part of Europe, is set to return to Zadar, Croatia, on September 18th and 19th.

And since the Infobip Shift, one of the largest developer conferences in Europe, is our proud sister brand, you can bet our team will also be there!

The Višnjik Sports Center will play host to thousands of visitors from around the world, offering a program described by organizers as the most comprehensive to date. The conference will delve into the most topical subject in technology today, artificial intelligence, and its impact on the developer profession. Additionally, it will cover other contemporary topics in the software industry, such as web development, API solutions, and cloud programming.

The startup community will be on the Infobip Startup Tribe stage, where a special program will introduce the most innovative upcoming companies to the public and potential investors.

Mirna Opolcer, the head of the Infobip Shift team, announced:

All 15,000 square meters of the Infobip Shift venue will be filled with content. Over 80 speakers from some of the world’s largest developer companies will give presentations on seven stages. Participants can engage in day-long workshops to learn about the latest developer tools, while the EXPO hall will feature 30 prominent companies from both the domestic and international technology industries.

I believe that this year, too, we will affirm our strong focus on program quality, and all participants will leave enriched with new knowledge, business contacts, and a great impression.

Mirna Opolcer, Head of the Infobip Shift team

John Romero will open the conference

Before Google, Cisco, GitHub, Red Hat, and other technological leaders take the stage, gaming industry legend John Romero will open the conference. Known for his pioneering work on Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein, Romero is often referred to as the father of first-person shooter (FPS) video games. Conference attendees can also play Doom against Romero, who has only lost once in the globally popular video game he created.

Nikola Radisic, the head of the Shift team responsible for production, said:

This year, we will once again gather an international audience, and we expect nearly 5,000 people to visit us over the course of two days. In order to stand out on the international stage, Infobip Shift will offer a rich accompanying program that sets us apart from similar events around the world. From the chance to drive a Porsche to enjoy an afterparty on the beautiful Zadar coast, we will ensure that all participants relax and have fun in an atmosphere unique to a technology conference.

Infobip Shift’s American premiere in Miami

The upcoming edition of Infobip Shift in Zadar will be the second conference this year, following the American premiere in Miami last May. The first Croatian unicorn emphasizes that hosting two editions of Shift on two continents in the same year confirms Infobip’s efforts to unite the global developer and startup community.

Nikola Pavesic, Infobip’s Director for Developer Relations and Startups, concluded:

This year has proven challenging for the global tech sector, making it more important than ever to connect and empower individuals and companies in the industry through conferences. Infobip Shift is already one of the largest developer conferences in Europe, and I believe that this year’s Croatian edition will further solidify Shift’s position as an indispensable event on the international tech scene.

Meet our team in Zadar!

Find out more details at the conference’s official website, and stay tuned to our event-related content. If you plan to attend, don’t hesitate to visit ShiftMag’s booth and say hello. Who knows, we might treat you to a little something! 😉

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