Win 1 of 15 tickets for Shift Miami 2024 – and explore APIs!

Milena Radivojević

Get excited - the Shift Conference is back in Miami, and we are giving away 15 tickets!

Mary Thengvall, Director of Developer Relations at Camunda, Matt Billman, CEO & Co-founder at Netlify, and Eric Schabell, Director of Technical Marketing & Evangelism at Chronosphere, are just some of the highly coveted pioneers and innovators within the global developer community who will take the stage at the iconic Perez Art Museum.

With over 500 attendees expected in 2024, Infobip Shift Miami is poised to solidify its place as a beloved annual gathering within the American developer community.

This year’s Infobip Shift Miami expands on the success of last year’s event. We’re dedicating a full day to lectures and panels, with networking on day one and hands-on workshops on day three.

Nikola Radišić, Head of the Infobip Shift team

Expanding its horizons, the conference now shines a spotlight on software with a thematic focus. This spotlight centers around APIs, the backbone of swift and seamless software operation. These APIs are not just vital; they’re indispensable tools for developers across various industries. Radišić says:

We chose to hone in on APIs due to their status as a burgeoning and incredibly vital sector within the software industry – an indispensable component for envisioning a modern developer profession. We aim to provide the audience with insights into the latest tools and solutions, empowering them to optimize their skills and stay ahead in the world of software development.

By expanding the program in this year’s edition, we cement our commitment to connecting and supporting developers worldwide.

Nikola Pavešić, Director of Developer Experience and Startups at Infobip

Get your ticket!

Calling all developers, tech aficionados, and industry experts!

Win a ticket for Shift Miami, from April 22nd to 24th, 2024.

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