30 years of DOOM, APIs, testing in production, micro-frontends, and much more at Shift Miami

Antonija Bilic Arar

One of Europe's most celebrated developer gatherings is making its North American debut in Miami, Florida, on May 23, 2023.

John Romero, the father of FPS games (notably Doom), Joyce Lin, Head of Developer Relations at Postman, Gift Egwuenu, Developer Advocate at Cloudflare, Nic Jackson, Developer Advocate at HashiCorp and Paige Cruz, Senior Developer Advocate at Chronosphere are just some of the most sought-after trailblazers and innovators of the global developer community who will take the stage at the first-ever Infobip’s Shift conference in North America.  

Shift is undoubtedly one of the most impressive conferences I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at.

Gift Egwuenu

Their upcoming event in Miami is no exception, and I’m eagerly looking forward to it, said Egwuenu, who will give a presentation entitled Powering up Micro-frontends at the Edge.

Based on my amazing experience at Shift Europe, I expect this event to be equally fantastic. I highly recommend attending the conference if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the tech industry.

Along with panels and presentations, this year’s program will include sessions, one-on-one labs, and opportunities to engage with Infobip engineers and other developers. With attendees that include developers and engineers, product owners, and startup founders and teams, Shift will establish a standard for hands-on, interactive learning, extensive networking, and the sharing of cutting-edge ideas. 

Attendees will hear presentations on “APIs eating the universe”, testing in production, micro-frontends, managing privacy with API, WebAssembly, solving the “it works on my machine” problem, improving how you ship software, writing great documentation and many more.  

Ivan Burazin, Chief Developer Experience Officer at Infobip, established the Shift Conference in Europe, where it is immensely popular.  

Shift’s track record in Europe has made it a must-attend conference for anyone passionate about the developer community.
We are thrilled to bring this gathering to Miami and continue to support the developer ecosystem in North America and Latin America.

Ivan Burazin
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