Engineer Explains: Low code platforms as developer tools in 3 minutes

Antonija Bilic Arar

We've asked experienced engineers to share how they would explain some tech terminology at three levels of experience - from junior developer to CTO.

No developer would ever be caught using low-code tools. Or not?

In the latest video in ShiftMag’s Engineer Explains series we’ve talked to Amanda Martin of Wix wants to break the stigma of using low-code platforms as a web developer.

She has changed her mind about low-code while working as a developer and now she wants to change other developers’ minds.

Find out why she thinks developers should look at them as just one of the tools in their toolkit and use them without prejudice when that’s the reasonable solution.

This video is a part of ShiftMag’s video series, Engineer Explains.

We’ve asked experienced engineers to share how they would explain some basic and some less basic tech terminology to different job tech job titles or at three levels of experience – from junior developer to CTO.

How would you explain APIsinternal developer platformssoftware architecture, software testing or scaling infrastructure without breaking the bank at three levels of experience?

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