Engineer Explains: Full stack framework explained in 3 minutes

Antonija Bilic Arar

We've asked experienced engineers to share how they would explain some tech terminology at three levels of experience - from junior developer to CTO.

Why should you use a full-stack web framework as a web developer?

Matija Sosic, co-founder of one such framework, Wasp, explains what a full-stack framework is and that their value proposition is in the ‘batteries included’ experience. They provide provides an end-to-end solution to build a complete web application: the frontend user interface, backend server, and database management.

For senior developers and, especially, CTOs, the benefit is always saving time – and money:

“The pitch of every web framework is abstraction and making things easier. Instead of spending hours figuring out what stack to use for a project, you trust that a framework will offer you the best way to do something at that point in time.”

This video is a part of ShiftMag’s video series, Engineer Explains.

We’ve asked experienced engineers to share how they would explain some basic and some less basic tech terminology to different job tech job titles or at three levels of experience – from junior developer to CTO.

How would you explain APIsinternal developer platformssoftware architecturesoftware testing, scaling infrastructure without breaking the bank or low-code as a dev tool at three levels of experience?

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