Engineer Explains: Software testing explained in 3 minutes at 3 levels of expertise

Antonija Bilic Arar

We've asked experienced engineers to share how they would explain some tech terminology at three levels of experience - from junior developer to CTO.

Maybe you’ve heard that you should automate everything in software testing. Well, it’s not true!

At least, according to Filip Hric, who teaches developers about testing and testers about web developers. In this video, he explains why checking the quality, functionality, and performance of a software product or a feature is crucial and how to approach it.

Filip shares how he would explain testing to a non-engineering colleague, to a product owner or manager, and to a person deciding on a strategy. He also shares some tips on what to automate, what to do manually, and how to balance risks and quality in software development.

This video is a part of ShiftMag’s new video series, Engineer Explains.

We’ve asked experienced engineers to share how they would explain some basic and some less basic tech terminology to different job tech job titles or at three levels of experience – from junior developer to CTO.

This Engineer Explains video was created in partnership with WeAreDevelopers World Congress. Find the tickets here for the next one taking place in Berlin, 17th-19th July.

How would you explain APIs, internal developer platforms, or software architecture at three levels of experience?

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