Learn from a developer productivity engineer how to stop worrying and use AI

Antonija Bilic Arar

Baruch Sadogursky shows developers how to maximize their productivity and happiness in live coding session with ChatGPT.

Baruch is a Developer Productivity Advocate, and his goal is to show developers how they can become more productive and happy by accelerating DevOps processes, minimizing wait times, and context-switching.

In his presentation from the Infobip’s Shift conference, Baruch converses with ChatGPT, asking the AI assistant to help him uncover innovative strategies, from shortening build feedback loops to conquering flaky tests and caching build results like a master.

In this live coding session, he then implements ChatGPT’s suggestions, providing entertainment and proving how confident ChatGPT can be while providing completely made-up advice and how to get the correct tips.

By the end, you’ll have valuable tips, a fresh perspective on AI-assisted productivity, and a lasting bond with your new AI confidant, ChatGPT.

Watch this session if you want to learn a couple of simple tricks that you can implement today, and for free, to make your builds faster and improve your overall developer experience and productivity:

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